A famous writer once said, “don’t mess with anybody on a Monday, it is a bad, bad, day!”. Most of us can surely relate with the quote, right? Mondays are harder to face.

Because of the longer gap between Friday and Monday, where the employees get to enjoy a stress-free weekend, they feel extremely unenthusiastic to get back to work on a Monday! It is normal human nature to feel “blue” or slightly down to get back to a monotonous routine after a relaxing weekend.

6 Ways how successful people boost their energy on mondays

It seems like every entrepreneur is interested in learning how to get ahead early. But starting every day isn’t the same as starting a Monday.

Here are 6 ways how successful people boost their energy on mondays,

1. Wake Up Early

wake up early to make sure that you have plenty of time to complete all of your tasks. Waking up early also ensures that you are not late for any of scheduled events and you have plenty of time to take care of personal chores prior to jumping into work load.

2. Start with exercise

While exercise of any type may seem like the last thing you want to do when you wake up exhausted on a Monday morning, it could be exactly what you need to get your body and mind going. If you’re able to get outside for your exercise, the fresh air, sunshine and connection with nature can further invigorate you.

3. Fuel your Body – Food Is Energy

It’s imperative that your body is fueled with nutritious foods first thing in the morning. Healthy food provides energy and gets the mind and body ready for the day.

The way you eat in the morning can set the tone for your day and have a serious impact on your energy levels. While reaching for a bagel or sugary cereal may sound like the best option to your sleepy brain, what you really need is protein. A protein-packed breakfast has the power to provide sustained energy levels throughout the morning without supplying the mid-morning crash that comes with starchy and sugary breakfasts.

4. Keep email in check until you get to the office

The beginning of the week is the time when you set your mental state for the week. Stay focused on the big projects ahead and devote brain power there. The distractive power of email can take your brain away from big planning and into minutia that can wait.

5. Never quit (or make big decisions) on a Monday

There’s an old saying, “Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.” That couldn’t be more true than on Mondays.

In our work helping churches find their key staff, Monday is the number one day for resumes to come to us unsolicited. People get bummed out on Sunday afternoon or evening, come into work Monday, and decide that they have had enough. After working with tens of thousands of candidates, we have come to believe that Monday is the number one day people quit their job.

But quitting on a day you’re down is a really bad idea.

6. Work in chunks

Don’t stay glued to your desk chair—your body needs occasional movement to change channels and get oxygen flowing.Get up and talk with people instead of emailing—or at least stand while you’re on the phone.

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