Apart from the lush greenery and pristine beaches, Mangalore is also emerging as a popular place to find a professional digital marketing agency. However, over the past few years, the number of such companies has increased significantly. Therefore finding and partnering with the best one might be a hassle for new businesses.

Luckily, if you are trying to find the best digital marketing agency Mangalore, then you have reached the right place. After long hours of research to gain an in-depth understanding of several digital marketing companies, we listed the top ones below, along with the services they offer.

10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore 2024 Overview

With thousands of digital marketing agency Mangalore, finding the right one that suits your business can be troublesome. Luckily, we did all the hard work and compiled a concise list of the best ones in terms of their services, pricing, expertise, and other criteria. Moreover, we also analyzed their reviews and client testimonials to understand if the company meets their customer’s digital objectives.

Top 10 digital marketing agency Mangalore

Below is our curated list of the best digital marketing agency Mangalore. Keep reading to find out their services, top clients, and other information to decide which one will best suit your marketing needs.

1) Brandolyfic: One of the best digital marketing agency

Brandolyfic Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Delta Packaging, Dhaanubai Cinemas
Best For: Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn
Service: Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing

Brandolyfic offers a range of branding services along with web designing/ development solutions. Moreover, the company is also well-known for its SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and graphic design. Overall, Brandolyfic is a one-stop destination to design, build and market the brand simultaneously. Their end-to-end solutions help attract users and convert them into regular customers.

The company also creates effective campaigns & strategies, plus offers expert consultancy & training for organizations or individuals looking to improve their existing platform.

2) Megamind: An award winning digital marketing agency

Megamind Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Samsung, LG, Luvlee
Best For: Creating effective strategies
Service: SMM, Email Marketing, SEM, Online Ad Campaigns, SEO

From running online Ad campaigns to social media marketing, Megamind can help small as well as large-scale businesses reach their full digital potential. Their strategic integrated designs, along with innovative solutions for communicating with the audience allow their clients to obtain favorable results in a short time.

Moreover, email marketing and online Ad campaigns of Megamind can help reach out to new potential customers and convert them into regulars.

3) Novo: A well-known digital marketing agency Mangalore

Novo Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Rasel Power Gym, Juice Box
Best For: Creating attractive visuals
Service: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Video Promotion

Novo is a digital marketing company that allows companies to expand their online presence with the latest and creative solutions made from the ground up. Moreover, the solutions offered by Novo align perfectly with the client’s core strategy and help the users obtain a memorable experience.

Using Novo’s digital strategies and leveraging its online marketing tactics can help your business reach out and engage with meaningful prospects. The company is also well-known for its transparency and affordable solutions that can help startups plus large-scale businesses.

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4) Blueline Computers: One of the most experienced digital marketing agency Mangalore

Blueline Computers Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Thrishul News, Vcs News, SCS Hospital
Best For: Marketing of socials and news portals
Service: Graphic & Print Design, Website Design, SEO optimization, Web Analytics, 3D Architecture

Established in 2006, Blueline Computers aims to offer creative, latest, plus interactive web solutions along with digital marketing services. Moreover, the team focuses on providing the best end-user experience by delivering an interactive UI with a great design that will emulate the tone and style of the customers.

Blueline Computers websites offer enhanced loading speed, and less bounce rates and help you stand out from your competitors. From news portals to eCommerce, Blueline Computers can assist a range of businesses to obtain top-class digital solutions that can help with marketing or improving their existing platforms.

5) Alter: Affordable digital marketing agency Mangalore

Alter Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Toni&Guy, ELC, Bharat Builders
Best For: Expertise in Search Engine Marketing
Service: Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising Services, SMO, SEM, SEO

From branding & designing to web development, Alter is a popular name for obtaining premium digital solutions that will help a website stand out from the rest of the competitors. Apart from creating a website, the company can also help in SEO & SEM, content marketing, campaigns & strategies, and even offers consultancy & training.

The mixture of different services offered by Alter allows it to fuel the digital growth of its clients, plus helps reach the right audience and offer them the best experiences.

6) Aquila: One of the best Search engine optimization solutions

Aquila Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Healtheefeast, English 360, Yatra Travel World
Best For: Search engine optimization-related solutions
Service: SEO, Digital Marketing & Online Reputation Management, SMM

Founded over 6 years ago, Aquila aims to offer the best search engine optimization, social media optimization, web design solutions, plus social media marketing tools. With a trustworthy and proven track record of providing great SEO Strategies, Aquila can help increase any brand’s search rankings organically to increase visibility along with reach on different platforms including Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The company has great skills for targeting your desired audience and helps expand the current digital coverage of the company.

7) Market Bird: A creative digital marketing agency Mangalore

Market Bird Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Aakash, DailyPost, Bluearrow
Best For: Digital marketing at competitive rates
Service: Web Development, Digital marketing, Social media marketing

Market Bird offers a range of services including brand design & identity to website development and content writing. The company helps take the burden of digital marketing off your shoulders and uses the latest technology, strategies, and creative ideas to offer the best web-based solutions.

The company can also help in running paid ads such as PPC Ads or enable YouTube Advertising and has a network of professionals & promoters that can help you reach out to your correct customers.

8) OneCity: A experienced agency for increasing digital visibility

OneCity Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Shine Power Systems, Global Life Service
Best For: Offering solutions that will suit the business
Service: PPC & Paid ads, SEO, SEM, Content Writing

Operational since 2004, OneCity offers professional advertising plus website solutions such as digital marketing, branding, and more. The solutions offered by OneCity provide interactive websites that will help improve overall visibility.

OneCity pricing begins from 4,999/ month* for all of its premium services and aims to offer solutions/features which will perfectly suit the client’s business. Also, OneCity can help improve SEO ranking organically and offers paid ads that will reach your target audience.

9) Dangura Digital: A new but effective Digital Marketing Agency

Dangura Digital Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Over 82+ happy clients, 100+ projects
Best For: offering innovative graphic design solutions
Service: Designing, Printing, Advertising, Photography, Animation

Dangura Digital can help a business improve digitally by offering top-class services related to designing, advertising, printing, and others at a reasonable price. Established in 2018, within one year the company became a well-known advertising agency. The combination of the latest technology and in-depth knowledge allows Dangura Digital to offer cost-effective services that maintain the best standards.

After working for high-profile businesses, the team of Dangura Digital has become proficient at solving problems as well as promoting brand messages via appealing visual communication.

10) WeBrainy: The best customer-centric digital solutions

WeBrainy Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Mangalore

Key clients: Akshaya College, Bharat Corporation, SAP logistics
Best For: Custom digital marketing solutions
Service: Google Ads, Social Media Ads, SEO, Business Booster

WeBrainy offers creative ideas that can help in the digital transformation of any business. Moreover, the company can think long-term and help shape your business to tackle any kind of digital disruption in the future. WeBrainy’s customer-centric approach and new ideas help all their clients improve their digital presence and enable constant growth.

The fresh and creative ideas by WeBrainy are well-known for increasing the amount of traffic on your website and scaling your business digitally.

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It’s time to partner with the best digital marketing agency

All 10 companies listed above are well-known for offering the best digital marketing service in Mangalore 2024. Companies such as Megamind, Brandolyfic, and Novo have been delivering top-notch services using the best practices known in the market. Furthermore, companies such as Blueline Computers, Alter, Aquila, and Market Bird provide customer-centric solutions at affordable rates. No matter the company you choose, it is important to understand your digital requirements first.

It can be improving SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Ad Campaigns, or all of them. After knowing your needs, pick a company that you think will best help reach a wider audience and convey the message clearly.


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