When it comes to finding and selecting a good digital marketing agency in a particular location, it becomes a difficult task. Likewise, finding the best digital marketing agency in Bhubaneshwar can also become tough for you. And many cities in India have aced up in establishing a trustable advertising agencies.

In the digital era, online marketing has shown the way how a business can prosper and profit using a few digital marketing techniques and tools. Today, such agencies have made it easier for businesses to advertise with a low budget and get the maximum out of it.

However, this is also true that there are many authentic as well as fake digital agencies that claim to do wonders for your business. But knowing which one is good and which one is bad can become confusing.

To remove your confusion, we have come up with yet another article that will show you the list of the 10 best digital marketing agencies in Bhubaneshwar. The list is based on a concrete research and analysis. Let’s get started.

Anticipating Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar And How It Is Ranked

Every organisation and business firms have a budget in mind for every department. And no business can grow without having an advertising plan. So, in this case, online marketing agencies make a perfect match for business advertisements.

When you go on a hunt looking for a good marketing agency, you are bound to encounter fake, fictitious, false claiming agencies, that will unnecessarily cost your business a high amount and also waste a lot of time.

Hence, finding the right advertising company can only be possible by looking at a trustable data source. We do a lot of brain-racking to come up with a fruitful content list. We take many factors, statistics, data sources etc. while ranking the marketing agency of a place.

For instance, we rank the list based on google business ranking with 4+ star ratings. We go through each agency’s website and look out for services, performance, turn-around time, costings, client base and awards an agency has achieved.

Moreover, every agency is carefully curated, analysed, selected and ranked based on multiple factors and various levels of verification.

Let’s Have A Look At The Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

After a detailed analysis, we are in a position to list down the 10 best online marketing agencies for any business setup or individuals. As already mentioned above, the list is based on many factors and forms to give you a better picture.

1) Your Marketing Mascot

Your Marketing Mascot Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

This marketing agency is headquartered in the Bhubaneshwar city of Orissa. And has experts with over 15 years of experience in the field. The brand primarily focuses on connecting business with customers and growing its market & sales base.

The agency has a host of services to offer to any business firm and organisation. They have a passionate, expert team to cater to your business needs with an integrated digital solution.

Services Offered:

  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • PPC with lead generation
  • Content marketing
  • Google ads
  • Best for: SMM, PPC

Clients: Vedaacharya institute, Decors furniture, The Koutilya etc.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook facebook.com/ymmascotofficial

2) Addzet Advertising & Media

Addzet Advertising & Media Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

When you are confused about which marketing agency to outsource your business needs in Bhubaneshwar, Addzet advertising & media can become your best choice. It is one of a kind 21st-century service provider for any business type.

The agency is a 360-degree digital advertising and strategy-building provider. The company has a lot of services to offer beyond digital marketing. They have a clear mission, vision, goal and approach for their work.

Services Offered:

  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • PPC advertising
  • Content & Email marketing
  • Affiliate & influence marketing

Best for: SMM, SEO, and PPC advertising

Clients: Godrej Interior, silver bird cinemas, my biryani etc.

Social media handles:

Twitter twitter.com/AddzetMedia

3) Digital Ratha

Digital Ratha Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

Digital Ratha is a Bhubaneshwar-based digital marketing agency that specializes in providing 360-degree digital solutions. They have a well-curated team of experts to cater to your business advertisement demands.

Google-certified team will work on the projects and ensure to handle everything smoothly and by industry standards. They claim to have high retention and growth rate on the services provided.

Services Offered:

  • Content marketing
  • Amazon marketing services
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Social media ads
  • Local SEO
  • PPC

Best for: PPC campaigns, and online presence using SEO

Social media handles:

Facebook facebook.com/digitalratha

4) Shriyans Media

Shriyans Media Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

The Bhubaneshwar-based marketing agency claims to have established professionals from the digital strategy space. They are a result-oriented agency offering multiple digital services for any business type. They are more than just a digital marketing brand.

Their work and client base shows their overall performance and work ethic.

Service Offered:

  • SEO
  • SMO
  • Google ad campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Social media ads & marketing

Best for: SEO, SMO

Clients: Bigshop, virtu technologies, Aparna world school etc.

Social media handles:

Facebook facebook.com/shriyansmedia

5) Smart 5 Solutions

Smart 5 Solutions Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

Smart 5 Solutions is one of the best digital marketing agencies that was set up in the year 2012. They have two offices one in Bhubaneshwar, India and the other in the USA. They have in place one-stop automation for all digital services and solutions. Flexible prices, 24×7 services, and quick response time are a few good features of the agency.

Service Offered:

  • SMM
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC
  • Content marketing

Best for: SEM, SEO, and SMM

Clients: Aditya Birla, and centurion university

Social media handles:


6) Limeli8

Limeli8 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

The agency which was founded in the year 2018 had a modest start. Today it is a full-service 360-degree digital marketing company. And ever since they have grown bigger with offices in Bhubaneshwar, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu.

It is considered a top digital marketing agency with a clear and dynamic approach to work for any business needs. It has also bagged the Best Ad Maker Award 2021.

Services Offered:

  • SEM
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • PPC
  • Ads on target

Best for: SEM, SEO, and SMM

Contact details: Contact Us Limeli8 | Advertising & Digital Branding Agency

7) Spider Inforserve

Spider Inforserve Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

Spider Infoserve is a leading advertising agency which has offices in Bhubaneshwar and the USA. They believe in cost-effective, high quality and result-oriented ways of delivering services.

They have all the expertise, google tools, and professionalism to offer the best work in the market. The agency adheres to a global standard and is also a google partner brand.

Services Offered:

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Content marketing

Best for: SEO, and SMM

Social media handles:

Facebook – facebook.com/spiderinfoserve
Instagram – instagram.com/spiderinfoserve

8) Harimal Outreach

Harimal Outreach Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

Harimal is an outstanding end-to-end marketing brand that caters to every business promotional demand. Based in the city of Bhubaneshwar, they have a young, experienced and dynamic team to provide you with all the necessary online advertising requirements. They offer many services for all business types.

Service Offered:

  • Experiential marketing
  • Outdoor marketing
  • Rural marketing
  • Retail marketing

Best for: experiential marketing

Clients: CEAT, Sbi life, tata motors etc.

Social media handles:


9) Futurious

Futurious Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

Futurious is one of the top advertising brands which has offices in India, the UK and the USA. It was established in 2016. They have custom-tailored services that are suitable for businesses as per their budget and demands. Be it a startup enterprise, or a product launch, futurious has you covered with unique digital solutions.

They have a proper mission, vision and values for their work and ethics. They use the most popular tools like google, aws azure, java etc.

Services Offered:

  • Paid campaign
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Lead generation

Best for: SEO, and paid campaign

Clients: BSNL, Hero, Delcam etc.

Social media handles:

Instagram instagram.com/futuriostechnologies

10) Digital Gaurav

Digital Gaurav Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Bhubaneshwar

It is a rising digital marketing agency in Bhubaneswar city. They are an agency as well as a training institute. They are best at giving full-proof service to marketers. Due to a lack of digital skills in the market, Digital Gaurav was established to fulfil business desires.

They have all the core digital solutions with market-standard tools and expertise.

Services Offered:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Ad Campaign

Best for: SEO, and Ad campaign

Clients: Kalinga, Gelhi’ s, Royal events etc.

Social media handles:



There are many emerging and award-winning digital marketing agencies across various cities in India. Choosing the right one is a cumbersome and difficult task. However, we have tried to give a detailed analysis of the best digital marketing agencies in Bhubaneshwar. We have ranked the list of best agencies according to their various credentials like performance, work ethic, google ratings, services offered, client base, costings and so much more.

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