In today’s cut throat competition, referrals are very important for any line of business. This is the need that was very well understood by Siddarth and Aman Gupta. This is the thought that led them to develop InviteReferrals. They initially started tagNpin, a location based photo sharing platform in September 2011; however, very soon they realized that the product was not scalable. While exploring other ideas, they zeroed in on the idea of InviteReferrals.


InviteReferrals is also amongst ongoing incubatee companies at Startup Village and it has featured as top five companies in incubator’s January 2013 list. Prior to launch tagNpin, both Siddarth and Aman completed their engineering from NSIT (Delhi).

InviteReferrals helps you launch Referral program for your business within minutes. Invitereferrals is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral program. It allows the customers to invite friends via multiple social channels like Facebook, twitter, email, Linkedin, Google+ etc. Invitereferrals then tracks each invite, site visit and goal conversion to reward referrers.

InviteReferrals works on the moto of

Let customers become the brand ambassadors or sales force to boost friend referral sales.

Their belief is that Word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing. Invitereferrals allows customers to seamlessly refer friends and earn incentives for referral sales. It lets customers become the brand ambassadors or the grass root sales force. Customers can invite their friends via multiple social channels like Facebook, twitter, email, Linkedin etc. Invitereferrals then tracks each invite sent, referral site visit and goal conversion to reward referrers. Brands have achieved reach upto 100X with customer referral program powered by InviteReferrals.


Team- InviteReferrals

Its selling point is simplicity of the product. After one time simple integration, it completely removes the role of the developer. Everything can be customised via Invitereferrals admin console. It’s a product built for marketers. Its detailed analytics dashboard provides actionable insights to the marketing team to boost referral sales. It is cross platform and works across mobile, tablets and desktop.

Invitereferrals is used 1250+ marketers in 18+ languages around the world including Swedish, Russian, Polish, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese amongst others, besides powering referral program for many companies including Lenskart, HT media, Times group. Lenskart achieved more than 1 Million friend referrals in less than 50 days using InviteReferrals referral marketing tool. The tool can be used for any online promotion like a movie launch, product launch, event promotion, ecommerce, donation drive promotion etc.

Invitereferrals is brainchild of 2 techies Siddharth and Aman. It is incubated at Startup Village and has been recognized by leading corporates like Microsoft Bizspark, Blackberry and Lufthansa. It is looking to expand and boost sales across Europe and US as near future plans. It is currently exploring to work with channel partners and agencies in different countries.

This looks like a much awaited platform for the business community, where they can use technology to enhance their user base and hence reap the benefits of word of mouth publicity for the product or service that they offer.

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