Analytics is a major part that determines the course of any busines. Every business at some point or another requires support for solving critical analytical problems. Once startup that helps business with all such solutions is Boxx.Ai

Boxx.Ai democratizes analytics because Boxx uses Artificial Intelligence to build products that enable enterprises solve their most critical analytics problems quickly and at affordable costs. Artificial Intelligence has been the topic de jour recently. But at, they work more using Applied AI, something that they see in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, and how it is already changing people’s lives. uses Artificial Intelligence to build products that enable enterprises to solve their most critical analytics problems. This is enabled by an intelligent scalable learning platform whose key features are :

  1.  Discovering hidden patterns within your data—catering to issues of sparse data and data of different types
  2. Constantly learning from every new piece of data—new user, new product, new interaction, new search, new sale.
  3. Genetically evolving by selecting the best response in a given scenario

The products ensure quick results, significant business benefit—all in a pay-per-use pricing model.

The first product of was AIDA which has as its mantra: Each and every customer is important and different. It uses AI to personalize every customer touch-point across channels through real-time recommendations, targeted emails/SMS and context- driven app notifications. Its proprietary deep learning algorithms pick up the minutest of details. It uses the power and scalability of AI to build separate models for each and every customer, leading to great levels of personalization.

Bengaluru based Boxx.Ai was set up in July 2016 by three graduates of the IIT Bombay and Delhi class of 2005. Ajay Kashyap a product and data science enthusiast, Prakhar Raj, an analytics expert, and Shitiz Bansal a technology enthusiast. uses Artificial Intelligence to build products that enable enterprises to solve their most critical analytics problems. They are currently a 10 member team (including the Founders). Not believing in any form of hierarchy, each team member plays an exclusive role in driving the company towards growth. As of now besides their 3 co-founders, Boxx.Ai has 3 Devops, 1 Tester, 2 Technical Analyst and the Marketing people.

Currently, they have 7 clients, one of them being a pioneer in the deals-industry. For the next year, they are planning to develop and make their product AIDA better than it already is.

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