Working remotely-once considered a privilege for a select few, is now looking like the way forward. And why not! In numerous surveys it has come out that employees feel more motivated when given the option to choose if they want to work from home or from office.

Last year about 37% Americans worked from home. It has also been a proven way to reduce the attrition. Not just for Employees but even Employers benefit from this, you can save money on the operating income and office space. But the question is how do you keep connected to your group when you all are working remotely.

12 Must-have tools for entrepreneurs to handle their business

Here are 12 tools that can be of great help to entrepreneurs to handle their business,

1. Basecamp

Manage projects, Communicate with your team and stay on top of who’s assigned to a specific task.

2. Dropbox

Provides a secure virtual location to safely store documents while allowing all team members to access them.

3. Hootsuite

Allows you to manage all your social media marketing in one place, from Facebook to twitter to youtube, name it and you have it.

4. Gotomeeting

Gotomeeting makes it easy to connect with people anyway you want. Connect with anyone, anywhere, on any any device.

5. FreedomVoice

Virtual phone service gives you a plug-and-play business phones and unlimited calling for one low monthly rate.

6. Slack

Brings all your communication together in one place. It provides real-time messaging, archiving and search for the remote working team.

7. Skype

Skype gives you access to voice based or video chat, while eliminating high international phone rates.

8. Paypal

Most trusted payment processor online, allows you to receive and send payments from all over the world.

9. Infusion Soft

CMS and automated software, provides your business with customized marketing Funnels, email auto-responser and more.

10. FreshBooks

Online invoicing and accounting software helps track expenses, income and more, while giving you access to simple reporting features.

11. Freshdesk

Robust Customer service software allows you to provide help and monitor all interactions remotely.

12. LogMeIn

LogMeIn gives you access to your Desktop, allowing you to control it from any location in the world.

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