Life is a journey full of memorable moments, those that we experience while we are travelling as well as the local activities we do in the city we live in.

Every strip of ticket and every stamp on the passport entail a story. And one startup that is working towards cherishing these memories and connecting such like minded people on one platform is TraveLibro.

This startup is an innovative travel social network

A travel social network like none other, TraveLibro aims to connect its users with other travelers, bloggers, agents along with being a meta-search engine for bookings such as flights, hotels, home-stays, car rentals, and more. Besides, they are a perfect go-to for those who like to take the road less traversed.

This startup is an innovative travel social network - TraveLibroEach country and city (that they have covered on their portal currently) has a list of suggested must-dos, itineraries based on travel preference, hotels and restaurants, to sort you out.

In short, they are heading towards creating a travel-ecosystem of sorts for their users. So whether it’s planning, booking, reminiscing past travels, capturing current experiences, or sharing those golden moments with the world, TraveLibro seeks to not only enable users to capture those precious memories but also inspire other like-minded travelers by sharing them and also relive them over and over again.

TraveLibro is the brain child of Monish Shah, a former investment banker and Malhar Gala, a serial entrepreneur. Monish was an investment banker for 8 years at Deutsche Bank before starting TraveLibro and Malhar has a background in the jewellery and fashion industry. Co-founder Monish Shah, while speaking about TraveLibro said,

“Travellers today are no longer simply tourists. The new generation especially, explores the world differently in their unique ways. They like to experience every aspect of the destination they are visiting. My vision was to create a platform for such avid travellers who love to share their travel memories narrating them in the form of a story, in turn inspiring other travellers.”

Adding to this Malhar mentioned,

“Memories tend to fade with time but we wanted to create something where they stayed alive and could be relived anytime, anywhere and all of them available in one place. TraveLibro makes sure you bid adieu to amnesia and relive those travel memories for years.”

The TraveLibro Team a.k.a TraveLibrans as they like to call themselves is a unit of 20 individuals passionate enough to change the way people tell their travel stories.

The team comprises of Co-Founders Monish and Malhar, a content head, a solid team of tech ninjas, marketing professionals, design and motion artists, and content editors.

TraveLibra believes that everybody has a story to tell;and this belief led to months of brainstorming and hard work to create a solution for that traveler—the story teller.

Persistent efforts were made to develop the nearly perfect platform to capture an individual’s travels and build a community of like-minded storytellers to inspire each other.

Hence, going back to the drawing board led to creating that optimal solution that is now TraveLibro—a social network, which captures your entire Travel Story.

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