Investment has been growing in AI, and this is expected to grow by around 300% throughout the rest of this year. A third of the world’s population is using Social Media, and AI is playing a huge part in how businesses are communicating with potential prospects online.

Talking about the social media platforms, more than 2.5 billion people are already using various social media platforms as per the statistic. This is nearly a 1/3 population of the whole planet.

The artificial intelligence has a long way to go; however, it’s thriving in a very quick pace. The entrance of the artificial intelligence has already revolutionized the social media.

Here are the ways how the artificial intelligence is changing the social media,

5 Ways How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Are Transforming Social Media

1. LinkedIn & Bright

In 2014, LinkedIn acquired a job search startup called Bright uses machine learning algorithms to offer a better job-candidate match giving both employees a better chance of hiring the right person for a job, and the candidate a better selection of relevant job opportunities.

LinkedIn use this to score candidates for companies based on historical hiring patterns, account location, past work experience and job descriptions.

2. Slack bots

There are some brands that need to publish huge volumes of posts every day. These brands also employ plenty of influencers by doing some social media outreach to promote their products. They find it difficult to decide which posts to highlight and which posts are likely to perform well among their audiences. Because it’s a tedious task to analyze huge volumes of contents, it’s more about guesswork.

The slack bots have been developed to avoid the guesswork. The bots have the ability to predict the chances of success of various contents and they can suggest the pieces of contents which have the highest possibility of doing well. Furthermore, these bots can also find the similar content on the social media and show you the performance of the content.

3. Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research

Facebook’s Research site range from studies of neural networks learning to predict hashtags, to pattern recognition algorithms that help you tag your friends in Facebook photos.

Artificial intelligence researchers at Facebook have also been working on a new set of questions for a more sophisticated version of a Turing test to help develop a Siri-like assistant for users that learns intelligent answers, instead of drawing from a pre-loaded script bank as most similar digital assistants do now.

4. Google DeepMind

Google-owned DeepMind is working on artificial intelligence (AI) that can imagine like humans and handle the unpredictable scenarios in real world.

DeepMind, that was acquired by Google in 2014, is developing an AI capable of ‘imagination’, enabling machines to see the consequences of their actions before they make them. DeepMind was successful in AI when it developed ‘AlphaGo’ that recently beat a series of human champions at the tricky board game ‘Go’.

5. Pinterest & Visual Graph, Kosei

When you think of Pinterest, machine learning isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Then again, not everyone saw Pinterest as the e-commerce giant it has become over the past few months, but the bookmarking network has been serving up many surprises. One of those was the recent acquisition of a data software company specializing in personalized recommendation modeling, Kosei.

Pinterest has identified some areas in which deep learning will bring benefits to the network, particularly: object recognition to boost Pin and product recommendations; boost ad performance and relevance prediction; and detect spam users and content.

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